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Peterborough, NH
Our Town

Minutes Oct. 10, 2013
Mission Statement:  The Peterborough Heritage Commission's mission is to protect Our Town's architectural, historical and cultural heritage in order to sustain the spirit of the community and its economic vitality for the benefit of future generations.
Town of Peterborough Heritage Commission
Minutes of the Meeting of October 10, 2013
In Attendance T. Ward, Chair; D.Simpson; P. Shaughnessy; A. Caldwell; M Olenik;      D. Kaiser; S. Kirkpatrick; D. Estes
Meeting called to order by Chair at 5:32pm
Visitors David Torrey and Judy Garabrandt, abutters to Divine Mercy Church, shared information about their neighborhood and their concerns related to expected development of this area and the potential negative impact on their neighborhood. They requested assistance and guidance from
the Heritage Commission, asking if funds were available to assist them in purchasing this property. We informed Judy and David of the limited scope of the Heritage Commission's financial makeup and encouraged them to speak to their neighbors and attend planning meetings to voice their concerns. A brief discussion of the current proposed "Infill Ordinance"ensued. David Simpson voiced his concerns about the negative effect this ordinance could have on the town stating they used his property as an example of the possible use for another lot with a building being created. 
David and Judy left room and businees of Heritage Commission continued.
Tyler provided an update on Scott Farrar project.
Discussed details regarding National and State Historic Registries, noting that there are no significant limitations and that being on Register is more of a Badge of Honor. Mose noted that the application process may be cumbersome. Members provided information
regarding Town Inventory that is available on CD in the Town Office, Historical Society and Town Library.
Kudos given to Andrea for her exceptional photographs on Heritage Commission's Facebook page. Dick shared that he has additional photos to contribute to Facebook page and he will pass them on to Tyler. 
Tyler reported that Joe Byk shared that there was an possible interested buyer for the GAR building.
Discussion of Demolition Ordinance was tabled for future meeting.
Minutes of meeting September 12, 2013 were accepted as corrected.
Meeting adjourned 6:32pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Peggy Shaughnessy, Secretary

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