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Peterborough, NH
Our Town

Economic Development Authority
The membership of the EDA is as follows:  
Chair: George Sterling ('19)
Vice Chair: Adam Hamilton ('18)
Members: Cyrus Greg ('20), Chub Whitten ('19), Jerry Galus ('19), James Kelly ('20), Martha Schaefer ('20), David Smith ('20), Jason Garland ('18)
Alternate Members: Gary Carpenter ('20)
Select Board Liaison: Barbara Miller
 The Economic Development Authority (EDA) was established by Town Meeting vote in 1995 with the purpose of enhancing economic development in Peterborough.  The specific mission of the EDA is to foster economic and industrial development, consistent with state statutes and the Town’s planning objectives.  The EDA is also responsible, in conjunction with the Office of Community Development Director, for administering the three Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Plans currently in effect – one for the Greater Downtown, one for West Peterborough, and one for the Monadnock Community Healthcare District.
The membership is appointed by the Selectmen, and the terms are for three years.  The EDA meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 am in the Select Board Meeting Room at the Town House.. 

Attached Document or File Peterborough Works - EDA website  
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Attached Document or File2017 Economic Development Authority Minutes  
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