West Peterborough TIF Advisory Board

The membership of the West Peterborough TIF Advisory Board is as follows:  Jack Burnett ('18), Todd Birkebak ('18), Joyce Caron ('18); Jerry Galus, Chair ('18); Adam Hamitlon, alternate ('18); Ed J. Juengst, Jr, Vice -Chair ('18); Carter Judkins, Alternate ('18).  The Board meets as needed.


Authority and Purpose

In accordance with RSA 162-K, the Town of Peterborough hereby adopts the following Tax Increment Financing Plan (TIF) for the area of Town known as West Peterborough. It is the purpose in forming this district to encourage revitalization, re-investment and new investment in this area. Without improvements to both the physical infrastructure and visual appearance of this area, the existing tax base could erode. Also, without these additional investments, the capacity does not presently exist to support all of the development for which these areas are zoned. It is the Town’s intention to use tax increment financing to help pay for necessary improvements.


Statement of Objectives


The purpose of the district is to fund public improvements to roads, intersections, sidewalks, sewer, water, drainage, lighting, signage, utility poles and lines, landscaping or other associated improvements that will help to create and support development of mixed land uses, typical of historic New England villages, and consistent with West Peterborough’s own traditions. It is recognized that this district represents a core commercial area in the Town that provides a substantial number of jobs, and also represents an important part of the nonresidential tax base.


District Administrator and District Advisory Board


Pursuant to RSA 162-K:13, the Select Board has appointed the Director of the Office of Community Development to serve as the TIF District Administrator, in conjunction with the Peterborough Economic Development Authority. Following the approval of this Plan at Town Meeting, the Board of Selectmen will appoint a five-member District Advisory Board which, in accordance with the provisions of RSA l62-K:14, must be made up of a majority of members who are owners or occupants of real property within or adjacent to the District. A member of the Economic Development Authority shall serve as Chairman. A member of the Planning Board shall serve as Vice-Chairman.


This Board shall advise the District Administrator, EDA and Select Board on the maintenance and implementation of the District Plan. All meetings of the Advisory Board shall be public, and both the Administrator and Board are encouraged to obtain extensive public input as they prepare to implement the plan.


District Plan


The Master Plan, adopted by the Planning Board in 2003, noted the importance of villages in the Town’s historic development patterns, and identified West Peterborough as the most obvious candidate for the resurgence of a village-type area where residences and businesses can thrive as neighbors. In addition, the Economic Policy Plan, adopted by the Planning Board in 2000, noted that “[I]nvesting in infrastructure is necessary to maintain and expand the existing tax and job base.”


In order to meet these long-term goals, the Planning Board proposed the adoption of the West Peterborough District for Town Meeting 2004, so that the zoning would support the continuation of the village-type development pattern, and create opportunities to enhance village life, which is characterized by a mix of land uses. However, in order to facilitate or enable investment in the District, certain improvements would need to be made in the public infrastructure.


West Peterborough TIF Improvement Project - 2007

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