Minutes 07-11-2012 Approved

Peterborough Recreation Committee, (PRC), Meeting

Roland “Beaver” Jutras Recreation Building

Minutes of July 11, 2012, 7:00 PM



Attendees:  Paula Stewart, Chair; Tina Kriebel, Assistant Chair; Todd Weeks, Secretary; Andrew Dunbar, Howard Russell, Jeffrey M. King, Recreation Director;  Robert Lambert, PRD/Budget Committee Liaison; Rodney Bartlett, DPW Director; Lisa A. Koziell-Betz, Program Coordinator; and Lauren Martin, Minute Taker.


I)                Meeting called to order: at 7:10 PM by Paula.

II)              Approval of Minutes: Andy moved to approve the May 30th meeting minutes as written.  Howard seconded.  Unanimous approval. 

III)            Discussion on Vehicle Replacement Policy:  Rodney Bartlett, DPW Director, joined the meeting for a discussion on how the PRD fits into the town vehicle replacement policy.

A)    Jeff opened the discussion by calling attention to “Fleet Management Plan for Public Works and Recreation Department” handouts from Dec. 2002, Nov. 2007, and Dec. 2010.  PRD was included in DPW’s fleet management plan many years ago but PRD has changed significantly since then.  It is important to insure that the current PRD maintenance equipment is adequate and a plan needs to be specified for PRD passenger vehicles (busses and vans), which are not included in the current fleet management plan.

B)    Rodney summarized that the revisions to the fleet management plans since 2002 have been specific to DPW.  The plans have been for DPW to pass dump trucks on to PRD after three years, although it has been difficult for DPW to get new vehicles at all. They have been unable to pass vehicles down.

C)    Rodney suggested involving Budget Committee and CIP to join in a talk about how to update the fleet management plan to incorporate the vehicles PRD has now, and to devise a plan for PRD busses.  He feels the overall plan needs updating and that the original people who formulated the plan should be involved in its revision.

D)    Paula agreed that these groups need to agree on a philosophical plan before entering the budget season in September.  Paula wants to know how this would fit into the whole town policy, wanting funding for vehicle maintenance and purchases to be very clear.

E)     Jeff identified that for nine years PRD has had alternate funding for passenger vehicles without needing taxpayer support.  Philosophically, these vehicles are as vital to the PRD’s operations as a plow is to the highway department.

F)     PRC will need to back up the PRD staff.  Paula offered to reference how busses are vital to other recreation departments, and that PRC would prefer to purchase new vehicles that could last 12 years rather than accepting vehicles already well-used by DPW.  Lisa pointed out that PRD busses would be used for winter trips.

G)    Plan:

  1. Jeff & Lisa will compile a synopsis of trip programs to justify usage for purchasing new vehicles. 
  2. A meeting will be arranged during August to discuss the philosophy behind a PRD vehicles replacement plan, including how to fund necessary repairs in the meantime.  Meeting will include members of PRD, PRC, DPW, Budget Committee, and CIP.

IV)            Director’s Report: 

A)    Jeff is making efforts to insure that we don’t go over budget before the end of the fiscal year.

B)    Personnel: Jeff introduced Lauren Martin, the new administrative assistant.  Thirty-five seasonal employees have been hired this season.

C)    Peterborough Community Center:  Usage is lower because it’s summer.  The facility was valuable on the rainy first day of the playground program. 

D)    The community garden is proceeding. Some raised beds have been constructed.

E)     The new batting cage is able to be disassembled and stored, eliminating winter weather damage.

F)     Cal Ripken gave PRD $800 for fencing on the Bishop back stop.  Cheshire Fence estimates $14K is needed for repairs- primarily back stop issues and also some additional protective fencing.  Paula asked Jeff to piece it out so priorities and necessities are clear.  Andy asked for an estimate on total replacement costs, to compare to the estimate for repairing both fields.

G)    The water cannon has been very effective in light of our dry season. 

H)    Pool renovation: It appears we may get a 2 – 2.5% interest rate.  Selectmen would have to approve a contract, so the earliest possible renovation start date would be Sept. 10th.  PRC decided to meet on August 29th solely to review bids before they go to the selectmen.

I)      Paula and Jeff recognized that they have not yet responded to Liz Dietche regarding Cunningham Pond stickers. 

V)              Program Report:  

A)    Lisa announced that there will be no Peterborough Press this fall.  PRD will utilize social media to advertise programming as well as school fliers and the community television channel.

B)    The Conval gym renovation will affect volleyball and most likely basketball.  PRD will be using the Community Center.  From a positive perspective, it is a good thing to be using our own facility and getting people familiar with it.  While the concrete floor is not ideal, it will help people appreciate our needs.  Creative flooring ideas were discussed, though it was determined that the very large space involved prohibits alternate temporary flooring.

C)    The playground program and summer teen challenge are booked to full capacity.

D)    There is strong participation in the new men’s pick-up lacrosse program, which may become more formal in the fall.

E)     Summer camp registration is low, though that is hard to explain.  School enrollment is down overall and other towns are also experiencing similar low numbers on camps.

F)     Cunningham Pond stickers: Lisa and Jeff clarified that summer residents are being given pond stickers, and that Peterborough residents do not need to be present when their guests are using guest passes.

G)    Senior programming is on hold for the summer.  Senior lunches resume on Sept. 14th.  Anne Lessard would like to build in additional programming following each lunch.  They will need to supplement with additional funding or perhaps get a grant.  Jeff will talk to Kipco about possibly assisting with paper products.

H)    Andy asked if the Scouts add any additional expenses.  Jeff replied that they have access to the bus but they replace any gas used.  Jeff does spend time during the day on his Cubmaster duties.

VI)            Revolving Fund Report:  The figures distributed tonight are from the May report.  Jeff will have a new report by the August meeting.  The topic was put aside to be addressed when new numbers are available.

VII)          New Business:  There was no new business.

VIII)        Adjournment: Tina moved to adjourn at 8:20pm; Todd seconded it. Unanimous approval.


Upcoming Meetings:  

Wed. August 8th- monthly meeting 

Wed. August 29th- discuss pool renovation bids only

Wed. Sept. 5th- monthly meeting


Respectfully submitted,

Lauren Martin, PRC Minute Taker


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