Minutes 5-30-2012 Approved

Peterborough Recreation Committee, (PRC), Meeting

Roland “Beaver” Jutras Recreation Building

Minutes of May 30, 2012, 7:00 PM


Attendees:  Paula Stewart, Chair; Tina Kriebel, Assistant Chair; Todd Weeks, Secretary; Andrew Dunbar, Howard Russell, Jeffrey M. King, Recreation Director;  Robert Lambert, PRD/Budget Committee Liaison; Tom Scarlata, Architect from BH+A; Dick Cuddihee, the WAVE swim coach;  Libby Twitchell, resident; and Lisa A. Koziell-Betz, Program Coordinator/Minute Taker.


I)                   Meeting called to order: at 7:00 PM by Paula.

II)                 Approval of Minutes: Andy moved to approve the May 2nd meeting minutes as written.  Howard seconded. Unanimous approval. 

III)              Reorganization of Committee:  Tina was welcomed back as a board member.  The officer positions were reorganized and voted on as follows:

A)    Paula was again elected as Chair

B)     Tina was elected as Vice-Chair and

C)     Todd was elected as Secretary

D)    Andy moved to elect the above as stated.  Todd seconded.  Unanimous approval

IV)               Public Hearing on Adams Pool Renovation Project:  Tom Scarlata came up from BH+A to present the plans of the pool project before the PRC and any residents who wished to attend the meeting.  He presented the following areas the needed repairs as well as additions to the pool complex:

A)    After pulling up the concrete floor of the pool’s deep end, the plan is to dig down an extra foot or two so the diving board can again be used for diving and meet code requirements.  A diving stand will have to be used instead of a spring board.  A spring board required additional water depth that cannot be attained by digging further down, past support beams.

B)     Remove the concrete decking and put in a new gutter system as well as new drains.  This will raise the depth of the pool, as a whole, an extra 6 inches.    There will be little underground piping.

C)     The concrete joints will be repaired and filled in.

D)    A spray park is planned to be built aside the pool, having a segmental retaining wall built to support this area.  Pop jets, hoops, a tea cup fixture as well as a shower curtain proposed components in the spray park.

E)     Accessibility will be addressed on two fronts.

  1. Access into the pool itself; there will be a lift as well as walk down steps/slide down bars in the shallow end.
  2. Access into the complex; the entrance will be graded to meet ADA compliance standards, the steps down onto the pool decking will be removed and ramps will be put in.  There will be ramps into the spray park also.

F)      By removing some of these excess stairs on the decking before one reaches the diving area, there will be additional room on the pool deck for movement and swim team participants.

G)    The fence will be removed and replaced with a new fence placed further back so the grass area will be included in the complex.

H)    A slide element is planned to go on one side, near the center of the pool.  This would be a twisty water slide that, from an operational stand point, would require the addition of 1 more guard to monitor the use of the slide so it is used safely.

I)       The interior of the filter room will be re-configured.  The old sand tanks will be removed and replaced with high rate sand filters.  New chlorine and pH regulators will be installed.  There will be enough room in the current filter room to put the chlorine and filter components for the splash pad as well as the slide element in there.  Ventilation will be improved via fans.

J)       There will be a fence between the pool and spray park.  On either side of this fence will be benches with canopies, for sun shelter.  There may be a third canopy placed over the decking that covers the filter room.

K)    The bids for this project will go out in July with the start date to be sometime in August/September when the pool closes.

L)     Questions:

  1. Is the slide necessary?  Jeff thinks so.  He feels that it would be a popular component drawing more folks to the pool.
  2. The slide, why enclosed?  For safety reasons, it is better to have an enclosed slide.
  3. Diving….are we shorting the residents by not digging down further to gain the 12 foot depth needed for a spring board type of diving board?  The expense of extra digging plus the re-configuration of support structures for the pool (if one has to dig that extra depth out one runs into digging past some structural components) is cost prohibitive right now.  The diving board style being proposed is the same type of board system the PRD has now.
  4. How are the diving blocks for the swim team being addressed?  The plan is to put in recessed bolts at the deep end of the pool so the diving blocks could be easily put on and removed as needed.  There will be brass covers when the blocks are not in use.  Dick Cuddihee will get the style of diving block the Peterborough Wave uses over to Tom.
  5. What sort of expenses would the addition of the slide bring?  There will be the expense of the extra guard, electricity to run the filter.  In general, there will be a higher demand for chlorine due to the higher turnover rate of the filtration system.  More water will be used to fill in the extra depth.
  6. What about handicap access?  All ADA issues have been addressed.  If a car needs to bring someone to the top where the Arts and Craft’s building is - that is okay.  It is relatively flat up there.
  7. What will be the grass and pine needles effect on the pH?  Yes, but minimally. It was strongly suggested that we install an outdoor shower so folks can rinse off.  Tom will look into that.
  8. Fence placement concern was mentioned, not to move the fence too far back to block access to the walking trail out back.  That trail can be accessed through breezeway between the Arts and crafts room and the bathhouse.
  9. Concern was expressed about the color of the awnings and spray park fixtures.  The pictures on the presentation slides were not necessarily the final colors yet many of the board members liked the primary colors that represented the fixtures for the “visual pop”.  The colors of the shade structures will also have to be selected at a later date.
  10. Does the slide cut into the racing lanes?  No.
  11. Are the lights staying?  Yes, if there are extra monies, the lights may be replaced with more efficient lighting.
  12. Will there be excavating into the grassy hill to the right of the pool?  No, that will cost too much.
  13. About how high will the retaining wall be?  About 30 inches.

V)                Director’s Report:  Grounds look awesome but heavy mowing is involved due to the weather, other projects have had to take a side seat.  The pool is almost full.

  1. The PRD and PRC received an e-mail (via Liz Thomas) from Liz Dietche regarding Cunningham Pond and the stickers.  She was very dismayed that her last year sticker could not be carried through Memorial Day, at least…which would give her time to get a sticker for the new summer season.  While some board members thought this was do-able, others felt that she has been a resident for years and knows the routine; the stickers were advertised in the Peterborough Press which came out April 26th.  We advertise that they can come into the office to get a sticker, go to the Town clerk to get a sticker or even mail in a copy of their license and car registration and we will mail it back – so we have tried to accommodate folks and extending the ticket process deadline is not a help.  This will only confuse the residents as a whole if we keep changing things.  When do the extensions end?  The board decided not to change any policies at this time.

B)     Paula and Jeff will get together and write a letter to Ms. Dietche explaining all of this.

C)     As a side bar, we need to get correct email addresses on our website.

VI)              Program Report:  Not many comments made, playground program folks are slowly enrolling and Jeff and Paula need to get together to discuss scholarships.

A)    Cal Ripken and the PRD really have no use for the existing batting cage.  Bob Taylor would like to tear it out so space may be available for a 6v6 adult lacrosse group.  All agreed that it could be torn out.

B)     Due to the CV gym renovation, many of the PRD programs will be affected this coming fall/winter.  Jon Hall, the CV AD, expects the gym to be closed through Thanksgiving anyway.  The HS activities will be moved down to SMS so many of our activities will be bumped.  This will affect volleyball and basketball, to name a few.

1)      Tina suggested that Jeff approach Tim Grossi and see if we can use the other elementary schools in the district, without charge, seeing how this is an “unique situation”.

2)      Schools suggested were Hancock and Greenfield

VII)           Revolving Fund Report

A)    The MYSL (Monadnock Youth Softball League) line item will be zeroed out.

B)     An explanation was provided the difference between the lacrosse line item and the CV lacrosse line item.  In general, the CV lacrosse is the summer program taught by the CV Varsity Coach, while the general lacrosse line item catches the other lacrosse programs.

C)     The playground program, with its subsidy, is closer to getting into the black.

D)    Do not expect to see the PCC to be in the black this year, revenues are still being made up and journal entries need to be made.

E)     Bob Lambert suggested naming the Spray Park after Isabelle Miller.  Some monies might be able to come out of her fund to cover the water slide.  Discussion regarding this was placed on the back burner.

VIII)         New Business:

A)    Rodney is coming to the July PRC meeting to discuss vehicle allocation before the budgeting process begins.

B)     July 4th is the first Wednesday of the month, the PRC meeting will have to be bumped out to July 11th.

IX)              Adjournment: Tina moved to adjourn at 8:47pm, Andy seconded it. Unanimous approval.


Respectfully submitted by Lisa Koziell-Betz, PRC Minute Taker 06-01-12.

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