2018 May Town Meeting Information

Below is a list of the important dates and deadlines for the 2018 Town Meeting, taking place in the Upper Main Hall of the Townhouse at 1 Grove Street.


Meeting Date (Deliberative) April 3, 2018  7 pm.

Meeting Date (Ballot) May 8, 2018  7 am to 7 pm.

Meeting Date (Open) May 9, 2018  6 pm.


February 20   Overall Budget Analysis/Completion of the Budget

February 23  Budget Hearing and Bond Hearing posted in paper (1st run)

March 1          Budget Hearing and Bond Hearing posted in paper (2nd run)

March 6          Public Hearing on Town Annual Budget to include any petitioned warrant articles (last day 3/9)                   

March 6          If Needed       Public hearing on any bond in excess of $100,000 (last day to hold – 3/18)

March 13         Last day for 25 or more voters to petition Select Board to include an article in the warrant

March 13        School budget voting 8 am - 7 pm Peterborough Community Center

March 19       Last day for Select Board to determine which article will be addressed at which session of Town Meeting (either ballot or open) / Peterborough Charter

March 21        First day for candidates to file declarations of candidacy 

March 19        Last day to post Warrant & Budget / 40:13, II

March 30        Last day for filing declarations of candidacy

April 3            First Session (Deliberative)

April 23          Last day to post notice of Ballot and Open Sessions

May 1             Annual Report containing final budget and ballot questions (40:13, II)

May 8             Ballot Session / Elections (Second Session) Peterborough Community Center

May 9           Open Session of Town Meeting - Peterborough Town House

Town of Peterborough - 1 Grove Street - Peterborough, NH 03458 - (603)924-8000