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Peterborough, NH
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Minutes July 18, 2013

Minutes of Heritage Commission 


July 18, 2013


In Attendance: Tyler Ward, Chair; Dick Estes; Debbie Kaiser, Sheila Kirkpatrick; Mose Olenik; David Simpson; Peggy Shaughnessy; Andrea Caldwell; Melissa Stevenson


Meeting called to order  at 5:34 pm by Chair T. Ward.


Items Distributed: Agenda for Meeting distributed by Chair T. Ward; Petition for Commemorative Signage distributed by Chair T. Ward.


Date and time of future Heritage Meetings discussed. Some confusion noted regarding meeting being held on 2nd or 3rd Thursday of the Month. Group decision to have meeting remain 2nd Thursday of each month from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.


Minutes of meeting 6/20/13 approved by D. Estes/A. Caldwell. T. Ward to make correction and submit notes for downloading to Town website.


D. Estes made suggestions for new format for names of members in attendance.


T. Ward provided background information on William Diamond and recent communication with Patriotic Committee regarding Commemorative Plaque. Discussion ensued regarding working relationship with Patriotic Committee. H.C. members in agreement with working with Patriotic Committee: completing William Diamond project and participating in our town's 275th Anniversary in October, 2014. Funding ideas for signage suggested. D. Simpson agreed to approach Rotary Club  for donation. Petition to State requesting Commemorative Plaque read and approved. All H.C.members present signed petition. M. Stevenson agreed to email petition to members to gather signatures in the community.  


T. Ward provided update on Scott-Farrar project. More time available for finding takers for buildings as demolition date has been pushed back to October 1, 2013.


Peterborough/Monadnock region touring App update. T. Ward reports there is interest from many others groups in town and he will continue to follow up on this project. T. Ward suggested that he may pursue this project as a private citizen. 


D. Kaiser reported on ongoing work of South Peterborough Inventory being done by Carrie in Lynn Munroe's office. 


Demolition Committee membership reviewed, needing 5 reviewers: 3 Heritage Committee and 2 others. Current members include: S. Kirkpatrick., D. Kaiser, T. Ward. Other possible members suggested. Matt Waitkins remains interested. M. Stevenson agreed to contact D. Squier. D. Kaiser nominated as Chair (Mose/Tyler). All in favor. 


Discussed inviting Peter Throop to Heritage Committee meeting, possibly in the fall. Reminder regarding Bus Tour of Peterborough tomorrow. Some members reported not receiving Carol's email regarding date and time.


Meeting adjourned 7:33 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Peggy Shaughnessy, Secretary

Town of Peterborough - 1 Grove Street - Peterborough, NH 03458 - (603)924-8000