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Peterborough, NH
Our Town



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 Flood Maps for the entire State have been recompiled.  The new types of maps known as "DFIRMs," now use aerial photography as a back drop to the flood zones.  Hillsborough County DFIRMS were effective as of September 2009. 

 You may retrieve flood information and maps from several sources:

1) FEMA's Map Service Center 

2) DFIRM sheets in PDF format from New Hampshire's GIS (NH GRANIT)

3) FEMA's GeoPlatform with several web mapping applications

4) Fema's Geoplatform has several online mapping sites including the Official National Flood Hazard Layer shown above.

5) Flood Smart site for great info on flood and flood protection


Town of Peterborough - 1 Grove Street - Peterborough, NH 03458 - (603)924-8000